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Anikó has been drawing and painting ever since she could hold a pencil in her hand…  She sees the most valuable feature of digital art as the endless freedom of artistic techniques, easily allowing to alter hand-drawing with computer and photo manipulation – where traditional and abstract elements live together in harmony. Anikó’s paintings are full of tension and emotional dynamics.  She describes her work as “a piece of me, which is continuously recharging and wishing to express itself over […]

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A Twitter follower insisted that she was not creative.  It wasn’t an easy task to convince her, within the parameters of only 140 characters, that her notion was a myth.  What’s worse, I’ve heard a lot of people expressing similar beliefs which are damaging to the creative process.  Here are the top 10 common myths about creativity: 1. Only “creative types” are creative Great ideas are often built on common concepts, by ordinary people.  Creativity is usually triggered by a […]

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There is so much you could do with a digital camera, quality photo editing software, and a lot of creativity. Planet (Stereographic Projections) Photography can produce invariably surreal and incredible results – both crazy and fun. These phenomenal photographers take amazing panoramic images and wrap them to create fantastic floating planets from simple scenes – known as Planet Panorama amongst photographers.  If you’re curious how to make your own, this tutorial unveils the magic behind the mini planet photos. Image […]

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What exactly is creativity and how can you improve and nurture it?  Researchers define creativity as the development of ideas, products, or solutions that are perceived both as (a) unique and novel and (b) relevant and useful. You can find below 10 of the best definitions I have found from published literature and online sources. “Creativity is defined as the tendency to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others, and […]

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Creativity needs constant care and feeding. Here you’ll find 10 articles with creative exercises, tips, and activities; all geared toward helping you develop the best creative solutions. Next time you’re stuck for ideas or inspiration I hope you’ll find something here to fire up your right brain. On Creativity by Andy Rutledge “By this definition, creativity is merely a tool; it does not convey skill. For a dedicated few, though, this inborn capacity is then further augmented by certain disciplines, […]

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Groupthink is when a group of people are deeply involved in a cohesive in-group and their striving for unanimity overrides their motivation to discuss alternative options. The term was coined by psychologist Irving Janis in the 70s. When the cohesiveness is high, close-knit groups try to minimize conflict to reach consensus and may take inferior decisions that kill imagination. Groups are highly selective when examining information and fail to seek expert opinion. Members of the group avoid promoting viewpoints outside […]